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Universal Cell Phone Charging Stations

See the Veloxity archive on blog posts about cell phone charging towers.

6 Reasons Every Retailer Needs a Phone Charging Solution

April 21, 2016 | By |

As the demand for charging increases, retailer businesses and events can benefit in many ways by providing phone charging kiosks or stations for their customers to use.

1). Build Customer Loyalty

Think about the last time you visited a car dealership or doctor’s office. As you sat in the waiting room there were probably magazines, drinks, and some snacks. Well cell phone charging solutions are the modern equivalent and becoming an expected amenity since 84% of consumers use their phone while shopping in stores. Read More

Are Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Safe to Use?

March 3, 2016 | By |

Cell phone charging kiosks provide a much needed convenience, but are they actually safe?

As cell phone charging kiosks are becoming more and more popular it’s important to make sure you keep your phone secure and data safe if you happen to use one at an event or business.

While we can’t speak for every product out there, we will highlight some things to watch out for and give you tips for staying safe. Read More

Keeping Stadium Fans in the Stands

March 27, 2015 | By |

A man cave with a 110-inch Ultra HDTV is a challenge for keeping stadium fans in the stands at sporting events.

Thanks in part to new niceties, crowds at stadiums still go wild despite the continued growth of televised sports.

While scoring high TV ratings is a big money-maker for sporting events, in-person attendance remains crucial to the bottom line in the industry. Across the nation, stadiums are now equipped with swimming pools, massive jumbotron screens, lounges and Wi-Fi networks. Read More

Shopping Malls Shop for Shoppers

March 14, 2015 | By |

Shopping malls are shopping for shoppers. We all know that traditional shopping malls took a big hit after the economic crisis. Problems at commercial retailers such as Sears, J.C. Penny and Macy’s could signal even more trouble.

The good news is malls are trying to adapt. As online shopping grows bigger, competition is becoming fierce in the world of brick and mortar retail. Read More

Cell Phone Charging Stations: At A College Near You

March 12, 2015 | By |

Cell phone charging stations might a college near you.

The advantages of living in a mobile world are myriad and obvious: The connectivity, the on-the-go information, the location and navigation services…it’s a long list, and every app adds something new. However, there is one major downside: The problem of battery life. Read More

Trade Shows and Cell Phone Charging Stations: A Powerful Duo

December 23, 2014 | By |

Trade shows are booming, and a cell phone charging station is just the ticket to draw attendees to your booth.

There’s no better way to increase foot traffic at your trade show booth than to set up a charging station for mobile devices. Just think about it – you’ve got hundreds of attendees, and just a few spare outlets strewn across the conference room. Read More

Top Six Reasons Your Trade Show Booth Needs a Mobile Charging Station

Want to increase traffic and improve networking? Here’s the top six reasons you need a charging station at your next trade show.

In your mind, picture the most recent conference you attended. How many people were actually interacting with each other, and how many had their faces stuck in a phone, tablet, or other mobile device? Probably more of the latter than the former, right? Read More

Top Locations for Cell Phone Charging Stations

Most popular industries and usage for Veloxity charging stations so far this year:

Trade shows:

Attendees tend to stay longer at events longer when tradeshow exhibitors or event planners offer cell phone charging stations.

  • Universities:

    Students live in a hyperconnected world.  A charging station on campus offers a way for students to stay connected with one another and the university.

  • Hospitals:

    A hospital visit can sometimes cause anxiety.  Many hospitals are curing dead battery anxiety by providing charging stations for visitors, patients and staff.

  • Restaurants:

    Dining establishments of all sizes are serving up charging stations and seeing patrons stay longer and longer.

  • Clubs & Bars:

    These venues are experiencing the ROI of vending electricity through charging stations. Patrons can enjoy the night instead of leaving early to go home to charge their phones.

  • 6. Arenas  Read More

    Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities

    Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities keep students connected.

    Back to school time is here, and every student will have at least one cell phone or laptop. It’s how they do work, follow news & sports, communicate, and literally stay connected on and off campus. When a battery that powers a device dies, students get really bummed out. It’s called dead battery anxiety. YouTube even has tons of videos about the scary topic. Read More

    Phone Charging Station for Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

    March 18, 2014 | By |

    Through our previous blogs, we’ve established that staying connected in today’s world is of utmost importance. This is especially true for undergrads and young adults. Each generation of students is more tech-savvy than the last, and as such there is a growing need for fully charged and operational mobile devices on college campuses and academic institutions. The need for technology on college campuses is ever growing as many textbooks are now offered as online books. Along with classes that require internet access, you never want to show up with a device that is low on battery. Read More