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13 Mar


March 13, 2015 | By |

Delight and engage attendees with a phone charging station rental


rent phone charging stations for conferences

LockerPower at INBOUND16 Conference

Improve attendee satisfaction and overall experience. With cell phone charging station rentals, you’ll be sure to delight conference attendees and offer a lasting impression. Phone charging stations with lockers at conferences have shown to boost attendee satisfaction by more than 12%.

Trade Shows

rent Portable charging stations for events

Power Pax for Sports Summit Sponsored by Coca-Cola

Attendees will flock to your booth for a quick charge. By renting a locker charging station, you’ll experience more trade show booth foot traffic. Customers who rent cell phone charging stations for events have been known to see an increase of foot traffic by nearly 35%.


cell phone charging stations for festivals

Cell Phone Charging Stations for Festivals

Power-up attendees and keep the event alive.  A cell phone charging station rental will help keep your attendees on-site and happy throughout the whole event. Cell phone charging stations can help increase guest retention at festivals by nearly 20%.

 To rent a charging station for your event, contact us.