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Tips & Guides Universal Cell Phone Charging Stations

Are Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Safe to Use?

March 3, 2016 | By |

Cell phone charging kiosks provide a much needed convenience, but are they actually safe?

As cell phone charging kiosks are becoming more and more popular it’s important to make sure you keep your phone secure and data safe if you happen to use one at an event or business.

While we can’t speak for every product out there, we will highlight some things to watch out for and give you tips for staying safe. Read More

Survey Report: Cell Phone Battery Statistics 2015-2018

November 29, 2015 | By |

Today we live in a society where people are dependent on their cell phones and other devices. Our cell phones are our alarm clock, our GPS, our news source, and keep us connected all day everyday.

It has become the main way we communicate, and with the development of newer software, cell phones can make other aspects of our lives just as easy. Read More

Top Locations for Cell Phone Charging Stations

Most popular industries and usage for Veloxity charging stations so far this year:

Trade shows:

Attendees tend to stay longer at events longer when tradeshow exhibitors or event planners offer cell phone charging stations.

  • Universities:

    Students live in a hyperconnected world.  A charging station on campus offers a way for students to stay connected with one another and the university.

  • Hospitals:

    A hospital visit can sometimes cause anxiety.  Many hospitals are curing dead battery anxiety by providing charging stations for visitors, patients and staff.

  • Restaurants:

    Dining establishments of all sizes are serving up charging stations and seeing patrons stay longer and longer.

  • Clubs & Bars:

    These venues are experiencing the ROI of vending electricity through charging stations. Patrons can enjoy the night instead of leaving early to go home to charge their phones.

  • 6. Arenas  Read More

    How to: Fast Cell Phone Charging

    In addition to using a cell phone charging station, there are several other ways to get a fast charge for your mobile device. Here is a short guide outlining several methods for fast cell phone charging: