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We charge up events and make news nationwide

Veloxity’s device charging solutions and the team at events and in the news

cell phone charging lockers sxsw 2017

LockerPower Phone Charging Lockers at SXSW 2017

Cell phone charging stations las vegas events

LockerPower at the Bellagio, Las Vegas

calvin klein phone charging stations

Calvin Klein rolls out Veloxity charging stations

Veloxity Phone Charging Kiosks News

Veloxity partners with Time Inc. to power up Media Innovation Day

georgia dome charging station veloxity

Veloxity teams up with Verizon to offer free charging at the Georgia Dome

Indycar grand prix charging stations veloxity

Veloxity is the official charging solutions provider for IndyCar Boston

Veloxity CES Charging Lockers

Veloxity powers up CES 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Veloxity CES Charging Lockers

Veloxity’s Phone Charging Station at the Javits Center NYC

Veloxity charging lockers at SXSW 2016

Phone charging kiosks charge up attendees at SXSW 2016

Below are some of the events we sponsor or exhibit at:

05/22/2017Event |MA Library Association
3/10/2016Event |SXSW 2017
2/28/2016Press |REWOP Launch
12/06/2016Event |IAEE: Expo Expo
11/21/2016Press |Calvin Klein Charging Kiosks
11/15/2016Event |Biz Bash NY
11/13/2016Event |The Hotel Experience
10/27/2016Event |NYSSBA Annual Expo
10/05/2016Event |The Event Planner Expo
09/27/2016Event |Global Gaming Expo
06/23/2016Event |NESAE Annual Meeting
06/16/2016Event |Boston Tech Jam
06/08/2016Press |Power Pax Promotion
06/14/2016Press |LockerPower Lite Launch
06/07/2016Event |State of Innovation
05/04/2016Event |Sohn Investment Conference
04/23/2016Event |National Cannabis Festival
04/14/2016Event |Phorum Philly
04/09/2016Event |NSBA Boston
04/07/2016Event |PERKS Convention Boston
04/07/2016Event |TUGG Wine Party
03/30/2016Video |Veloxity at SXSW 2016
03/20/2016Press |Robbins Library Charging Kiosk
03/18/2016Press |Event Tech Brief
03/11/2016Event |South by Southwest
03/08/2016Press |Bentley University: Krassi Popov
03/07/2016Event |Bar & Nightclub Show
03/06/2016Event |Restaurant & Foodservice Show
02/24/2016Press |Phone Charging Stations at Events
02/17/2016Press |BostInno Tech Madness Finalists
02/13/2016Event |Boston Wine Expo
02/11/2016Press |Veloxity Founders Featured on Inc.
02/06/2016Press |Customer Care Tips Infographic
02/06/2016Event |Red, White, & Brew
02/02/2016Event |Stamford Innovation Meetup
01/29/2016Press |Umass Lowell: Charging Kiosk to Campus
01/06/2016Event |CES Las Vegas
12/31/2015Event |Made in Lowell: The Ball
12/01/2015Event |IAEE Expo 2015
11/20/2015Press |Made in Lowell Partnership
11/14/2015Event |Craft Beer Walk 2015
10/27/2015Event |BizBash Live: The Expo NY
10/13/2015Press |Phone Charging Kiosks at BizBash
10/11/2015Event |Plan an Event
10/07/2015Event |Event Planner Expo 2015
10/06/2015Event |New York Media Festival
9/25/2015Event |Young Entrepreneur Conference
9/23/2015Event |NCSHRM Conference
9/21/2015Press |Special Event Products
9/21/2015Event |Media Innovation Day
9/02/2015Press |The Hipster Bride
8/27/2015Event |Droidcon
8/15/2015Event |Tacos and Tequila
7/29/2015Event |Boston Chamber of Commerce
7/16/2015Event |Blogger Bash
7/15/2015Event |International Startup Festival
7/01/2015Event |MassChallenge Pirate Party
6/24/2015Press |Veloxity Powers Up Events with Charging Stations
6/13/2015Event |Ministry of Supply Party
6/02/2015Press |Campaign to End Battery Anxiety
5/24/2015Event |NAFSA 2015 Conference
5/20/2015Event |YMS – Youth Marketing Summit
5/13/2015Event |Nevy Awards
5/02/2015Event |InvestmentNews Retirement Summit
4/16/2015Event |TUGG Wine & Tequila Party
4/11/2015Press |Top 5 Ways Campuses Can Be More Appealing
2/16/2015Press |Forbes – Addicted to Technology?
10/28/2014Event |IMPACT Capital Conference – Philadelphia
7/10/2014Press |Market Research on Charging Stations at Events
1/21/2014Event |Moto Grand Prix
1/21/2014Event |XGames Aspen


Phone Charging Lockers at Wired Magazine Conference

Phone Charging Lockers at Wired Magazine Conference

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Music Festival

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Music Festival

phone charging stations at verizon center

Charging Station at Verizon Center Sponsored by WGL

Portable Power Pax at SXSW 2016 Recharge Lounge

Portable Power Pax at SXSW 2016 Recharge Lounge

Umass Lowell Phone Charging Station

Veloxity charges up 1000 Pirates event with Mass Challenge

Veloxity at Mass Challenge 2015

LockerPower by Veloxity kiosk at University of Massachusetts Lowell

Veloxity at Boston Wine Expo

Infiniti partners up with Veloxity to provide charging at Boston Wine Expo