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29 Mar


DIY Phone Charging Station Craze

March 29, 2016 | By |

A DIY phone charging station craze is happening everywhere.  Nearly every consumer has a portable device that needs occasional recharging.  So DIYers are busy creating crafting at-home ways to keep cell phones charged.

Here are numerous examples of how consumers are creating DIY phone charging stations for multiple devices:

Pinterest Charging Station Pics

But of course.  Every home crafter thinks that their idea is so awesome that it gets posted to Pinterest.  Then the idea goes almost-viral.  Well, there a slew of borderline tacky DIY phone charging stations on Pinterest right here.

shampoo bottle charging station

Shampoo Bottle Charger

You can transform an empty shampoo bottle into phone charger, according a creative crafter on Buzzfeed.  For no more than $2.00, you can give you all your electronics gadgets a semi-permanent a home on your wall.  And you won’t even get shampoo in your eyes.

Convert a Bread Box into a Charging Station

bread box charging station

This DIY project is for the crafter who just so happens to have an extra bread box, a power drill, MDF board and a rubber grommet. The bread box device charging station from decosit can be made for about $6.00.

Vintage Bucket Charging Station

Got an old bucket?  Awesome! Turn it into a Vintage Minnow Bucket Charging Station: Drilling holes in both the outer bucket (with the charming minnow graphics) and the inner bucket, switching out lids, some relatively tedious wiring, and you’ve got yourself a sweet vintage station unlike any other.

device charging station diy

B2B Phone Charging Stations

People are going crazy for phone charging stations!  They want to stay connected and fully charged.  Business to business professionals can help keep people charged and happy in stores, libraries, at events and on campuses nationwide.  Companies like Veloxity rent and sell portable and freestanding device charging stations.