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06 Jan


Best Cell Phone Charging Stations for Events

January 6, 2020 | By |

Here are the best cell phone charging stations to rent for your events:

When it comes to hosting events, it is essential nowadays to provide attendees with cell phone charging stations. There are many different sizes, shapes, and options that you can choose from so we have narrowed it down to the top 3 best cell phone charging stations for events:

Cell Phone Charging Station with Lockers at Events

1. Phone Charging Stations with Lockers

The most popular phone charging station at events has been the LockerPower, which features individual lockers. Each locker has built-in charging cables for all devices, including iPhones and Androids. The lockers are also big enough to charge most tablets. The Charging Station with Lockers comes equipped with fast charging technology, giving devices around 2% battery life for every 1 minute of charging. This popular model also features a display screen for custom branding your event or sponsors. The screen can display any amount of videos or images you want. Further custom branding is available with full custom wraps. Typically for a 1-2 day event, the rental fee is $740. Read More

25 Jan


Best new technology and products at CES 2019

January 25, 2019 | By |

The second week of January is always special for tech geeks. Over 100,000 attendees & 4,500 exhibiting companies descend upon Las Vegas to showcase & inspire the world of tech. The Veloxity team has attended for the past 5 years and we are always eager to report on the latest technologies. Here are a few of Veloxity’s favorite products from CES 2019: Read More

21 Jan


Battery Anxiety at Events: Rent Phone Charging Lockers

January 21, 2019 | By |

Rent cell phone charging lockers at events to combat attendee anxiety over low or dead battery

Imagine this

You are at an event that you have been planning on attending for months. You spent weeks preparing an outfit and your friends have heard nothing but you talking about this special event. The day of the event comes and you spend all morning on Twitter or Instagram Live sharing your anticipation with all of your followers. By the time you get to the event, your phone is on 12% and surely will not even last through the start of the event. There are some open outlets but you didn’t even bring a charger. The event finally starts but all that you can think about is how your phone is dead and you will not be able to share your excitement with your followers. The nerves and anxiety build up and you can no longer focus on the event, as the consistent paranoia of disconnect from the digital world has taken over. Read More

09 Oct


Guide: Phone Charging Stations For Your Events

October 9, 2018 | By |

With most attendees carrying one or more phones, it’s a no brainer that events should incorporate phone charging stations to keep attendees charged up and happy. Whether your event or meeting has 100 or 100,000 attendees, charging stations are always a good idea and can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Picking Phone Charging Stations for Your Event

When it comes to picking which charging stations, there are a variety of options to choose from depending on your space and plans. Some options include portable charging stations, table top charging stations, wireless charging furniture and more. But at events, the most popular type has been phone charging stations with lockers, which allow attendees to have a safe and secure charge.  The last thing an event planner wants to hear about from an attendee is that their phone got stolen.

Charging stations with lockers catch a lot of eyes and give event planners the opportunity for custom branding their event or selling a unique and engaging sponsorship. Some charging stations like the LockerPower, incorporate custom branding on a display screen where the event or sponsors can promote with videos, images, and custom surveys. For additional branding, there is the option to fully wrap the charging stations with a custom skin. Make sure to rent a phone charging locker that is also compatible with charging tablets, as some lockers are not big enough to fit them.

Incorporating Phone Charging Stations For Attendees

Event planners can take advantage of charging stations by placing them in high foot traffic areas such as near the registration desks, conference ballrooms, or main hallways. To further delight attendees, many events have incorporated a “relax and recharge” lounge where a combination of charging stations, couches and light refreshments give attendees another reason to love your event. If a charging station is sponsored by an exhibitor, there is the option to put them in or around their booth to attract foot traffic.

28 Jun


Wireless Phone Charging Technology: Lasers

June 28, 2018 | By |

Samsung and Apple stepped up their game by introducing wireless charging technology, where your phone automatically charges when laying on a specifically designed electronic pad. But researchers at the UW might have just invented the next great phone charging breakthrough: lasers.

The first challenge they faced was how to charge a phone via laser without harming people in the process. Their system includes one main charging beam surrounded by four safeguard beams that will shut down the stronger charging beam when their stream is broken to avoid injury. The second key component is the receiver that attaches onto the back of the phone to convert the energy provided by laser into electrical energy, charging the cellphone’s battery.

If the phone is visible and in an unbroken line of sight to the laser system,

it will be able to be charged from across the room Read More

26 Mar


Apple News: Upcoming New Products, Rumors and More

March 26, 2018 | By |

Upcoming: New Products We’re Expecting from Apple this Spring

Apple’s main events are in June and September, but there has been a trend of the company making announcements in March. In addition to refreshes on some of its less prominent devices, the spring is sometimes a venue for wildcard releases: last year’s Product(RED) versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, or the release of its video-editing software Clips.

This year, in addition to the rumors of new Apple products, consumers are awaiting more news on devices that Apple has already discussed. So, then, here is a rundown of a few products that we could hear about in March.

The non-Pro iPad

Last year towards the end of March, Apple rolled out a new iPad, positioning it as a lower-cost device for those who didn’t need the power of an iPad Pro. Just a year later, Apple may not need to revise that model. Its A9 chip is still pretty respectable, and with 32GB and 128GB configurations, it avoids cutting too much into the iPad Pro’s market.

On the other hand, there’s been a little rumbling about the iPad mini. The current model, the iPad mini 4, came out in September 2015 and uses the same A8 chip that’s embedded in the HomePod and the Apple TV. If Apple’s serious about keeping the iPad mini around, it seems like this might be a good opportunity for the company to bump up its specs.

AirPower and wireless-charging AirPods

Pre-announcing products is still not the norm for Apple, but in recent years, it has taken to planting a flag about some forthcoming devices. At its September 2017 event, Apple took the time to mention that it would launch sometime in 2018 its own wireless charging pad, dubbed AirPower. A case for the AirPods that supports wireless charging is likely appearing around the same time.

These may not be the most exciting of products, and it’s possible we’ve learned most of what there is to know about them aside from the prices, but they are laying the groundwork for a future where wireless charging is not only more widespread, but also starts to become an expected standard.

iPhone SE update

The iPhone’s cheapest model—the iPhone SE—debuted in March 2016. Since then, it’s been an object of intense discussion: is this a device that Apple plans of revamping regularly? Or is it merely a one-off to keep a low cost?

Rumors of a new version of the iPhone SE have been around for a while, but they’ve gathered steam this year. Again, it seems unlikely that Apple would bring any of the high-end features of its newest iPhones—Face ID, wireless charging, Portrait mode—to the SE.

12 Mar


5 Ways to Improve Attendee Engagement at Events in 2018

March 12, 2018 | By |

One of the toughest jobs faced by event professionals is captivating their attendees. Between juggling venue hire, sponsor prospecting and stakeholder management, there’s a lot that goes into organizing an event. A common pitfall can be neglecting or not maintaining attendee engagement leading up to an event. With a little planning and the right event app, driving engagement at your next event can be as effortless and rewarding for you as it is for your attendees.

Push Notifications

Keep your attendees in the loop by sending push notifications in the lead up to your event. Advertise speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, key event app elements or new content to keep your attendees checking back and engaged. Bonus points for making use of notification links to direct attendees to relevant pages.

Plan ahead of time, set up a document of all planned push notifications and times for stakeholder approval. You’ll then be able to pre-schedule your push notifications using your event app, leaving you to focus on running the event.


Level up your event by introducing gamification. An event app leaderboard is a great way to drive app adoption rates and engagement. Attendees are rewarded with points and achievements for completing challenges, driving them to explore the event app and engage with their fellow peers. By providing a platform for friendly competition, you’ll be opening up a whole new means of social engagement, helping to break the ice before the event has even begun. There are also a number of opportunities to further encourage your delegates by offering up prizes for those highest scoring individuals.

Phone Charging Stations

It’s obvious that pretty much everyone these days has a cell phone and it’s important that your guests and attendees are able to charge their phones. Supplying phone charging stations for event goers to charge their devices is more beneficial than you might think. With charged phones people at a events can tweet, post a status to Facebook and Snapchat your event creating a buzz.

Interactive Sessions Read More

30 Jan


Shoppers Looking for Better In-Store Customer Service

January 30, 2018 | By |

32% of shoppers are looking for better in-store customer service according to a new market research report. The “2017 Holiday Shopping Report” asked consumers their holiday shopping habits, if they would be using their mobile devices during their trip, and how they felt about their overall shopping experience.

Responses were collected from more than 1,000 shoppers at malls across the country using phone charging stations.

Key Takeaways

  • Shoppers want better customer service while they shop

When shoppers were asked what could have improved their holiday shopping experience, 32% said better customer service. Other responses included cheaper items (22%), more parking (12%), better product selection (10%), and fewer crowds (6%).

Shopping can be hectic this time of year for both the shopper and the retailer. It is essential that retailers make sure their staff is equipped to help shoppers and make their trip more enjoyable.

Despite the call for better customer service, 83% of shoppers felt they had a positive holiday shopping experience, while 11% had nothing positive or negative to say about their shopping trip.

  • Only 4% of shoppers had a negative experience

The majority of shoppers (34%) plan on making only one holiday shopping trip this season, while 30% plan on making three or more trips, 21% didn’t plan on making any holiday shopping trips, and 14% plan on making two trips.

Finally, shoppers were asked how likely they were to do the remainder of their holiday shopping in-store rather than online. 75% of shoppers said it was likely, 18% were undecided, and 8% said it was unlikely.

  • Mobile devices continue to play a big role in the holiday shopping trip

Shoppers will use their phones for a variety of functions this holiday shopping season. Most will use them to enhance their in-store shopping experience – to find store locations (27%), find deals (18%), get or share live updates through social media (14%), compare prices (13%), access coupons (12%), make or refer to shopping lists (8%), and research products online (6%). Very few shoppers (3%) plan to use their mobile devices to make purchases directly on their devices while they are out shopping.



31 Dec


The Future of Wireless Cell Phone Charging

December 31, 2017 | By |

Wireless cell phone charging is no longer the future because it’s here. Just about every high-end phone can charge up on some inductive platform. Charging-at-a-distance, on the other hand, is the future: the technology converts wireless signals into electricity to charge phones, tablets and other small gadgets.

Energous is the latest charging-at-a-distance company to throw its hat in the ring, but it has a significant leg up over its competitors: It’s just become the first-ever technology of its kind to get FCC approval.

Energous released a statement that explained its accomplishment. The Federal Communications Commission can certify charging-at-a-distance technology, since it technically takes advantage of radio frequencies to transmit a signal.

“As the first FCC certification for power-at-a-distance wireless charging under Part 18 of the FCC’s rules, this development represents a new era of wireless charging, and opens up a tremendous opportunity for the electronics industry,” Energous announced.

Part 18 of the FCC rules deal with “Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment.” Before selling new technology in the United States that takes advantage of radio frequencies, companies must seek FCC approval and abide by rules concerning operating procedure, interference and restricted radio bands.

It’s not terribly interesting to the average consumer, but the bottom line is this: the company probably did not go through all the trouble of getting FCC approval if it doesn’t intend to bring the product to market within a reasonable interval. And the FCC probably wouldn’t grant approval if Energous’s wireless charging didn’t at least kind of work. Even so, FCC approval is not an endorsement of the product or its underlying technology.

As far as what Energous claims to do, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. The company says it has developed a field transmitter called WattUp, which beams a signal via radio frequency to any device with a WattUp receiver attached. WattUp is platform-agnostic, meaning you could theoretically buy a charger for any phone, regardless of who makes the device. The technology can theoretically charge devices quickly via wireless contact charging, or more slowly just by being in the general vicinity of the WattUp transmitter. Right now, Energous says its transmitter works at distances of up to 3 feet.

Energous aims to demonstrate its power-at-a-distance technology at CES 2018 next month. Even if the technology works as promised, there’s no indication of how much it might cost — or if smartphone producers will be willing to start incorporating it into their handsets. Still, if the FCC thinks there’s something to it, maybe this is a charging technology worth keeping an eye on in 2018.

26 Dec


The Phone Charging Station Industry – Market Research

December 26, 2017 | By |

Questale published a new in-depth industry research that focuses on the Phone Charging Station market, delivering a detailed analysis of the market and future prospects of the Phone Charging Station market. The critical and significant data in the study makes the research a very important tool for experts, analysts and managers to get ready-to-access analysis by the industry professionals. The research is attached with substantial information in the form of graphs and tables to understand important market trends, drivers and challenges. The study is segmented by end users, products type, and various important geographic areas.

Get access to the free sample report

The research also covers the current market size along with the growth rate over the years. In addition to this, the research includes historical data of 5 previous years pertaining to company profiles in the industry. The in-depth information by various segments of the market enables managers to monitor future profitability and make vital decisions for sustainable growth.

Highlights of the Phone Charging Station market report:

  • A complete framework analysis, including an assessment of the parent market
  • An empirical assessment of the trajectory of the market
  • Market segmentation up to the second or third level
  • Report and evaluation of recent industrial developments
  • Major changes in market dynamics
  • Emerging niche segments and regional markets
  • Historical, present, and prospective size of the market from the perspective of both value and volume
  • Market shares and strategies of leading players
  • Recommendations to companies to substantiate their foothold in the market
  • Read More