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01 Sep


How Being Millennials is a Benefit to our Business

September 1, 2016 | By |

A lot of times, millennials get a bad rap. We’re often described as lazy, entitled, and sensitive. While this doesn’t embody every single millennial, we’ll admit we have our flaws. But so does every generation. When you actually sit down and compare the different characteristics of each generation, we feel that a business in our industry is much better off being run by millennials.

Why Millennials Are Better Off

Millennials are much different than previous generations. We’ve stemmed the tide and many people view that as a negative. But in our industry, it has numerous advantages. As millennials, we are…

1) Tech & Phone Savvy

Unlike other generations, millennials have had the greatest exposure to phones and new technology. This makes our generation the most intelligent when it comes to technology. By running a business centered around phone charging stations, we’re aware of what our consumers are expecting and have developed products that we feel are superior to competing brands in terms of their features and functionality.

2) More Creative and Innovative

Compared to prior generations, millennials are more creative and innovative because of the way that technology has influenced us. For our business, this has translated to the new products that we’ve been able to create. We also feel that we’re unique in how we’ve developed branding opportunities for clients.

3) Environmentally-Conscious

Millennials are more likely to favor environmentally friendly practices and policies. We feel responsible in making the world a better place to live and want to play a part. As a business, our products were designed with the environment in mind. They use significantly less power than competing brands, and save power when not being used.

4) Open to Change

A lot of businesses are slow to adapt to changes in consumer trends, which is why they fail. As millennials, we’re more open to change, which will make it easier for us to adapt to new trends and develop products that fit the new mold. As portable phone charging has increased in popularity, we responded by creating a portable charging product that businesses can offer to their customers. Having a place to charge your phone on the go fits in with the millennial attitude of always doing a million different things at once.

5) Community-Focused

Millennials want to have a positive impact on their community by playing a greater role. A lot of times, there’s a reciprocal effect if everyone in a community is involved. Within our business, we’ve made an effort by offering our charging stations at local events and allowing Boston area businesses a free 14-day trial with our products.

Let’s Hear Your Story

Are you a millennial entrepreneur? Leave a comment and let us know how you think being a millennial is beneficial to your business.