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rent phone charging stations boston Massachusetts

Why Grab a Phone Charging Station?

Phone charging stations serve a much greater role than just helping to improve customer satisfaction. They help businesses get more leads, increase revenue, and offer both branding and sponsorship opportunities. From both our own research and research from other brands, there are statistics that show that charging stations increase the amount of time that customers are spending at stores and at trade show booths. This makes your customers more attentive, which increases the likelihood that they’ll convert.

All the Benefits

What’s the Deal?

Veloxity works hard to support the local community, and for that reason we wanted to create a way for businesses in the Boston area to try our products so that they can see the value for themselves. To accomplish, we’re offering two on-going discounts.

Event Rental Discount

Get 30% off all rentals

Business Discount

Save 10% on any purchased products

Do You Qualify for a Discount?

While we’d love to offer discounts to every business in Massachusetts, it’s not possible (at least yet). If you’re looking to secure a discount, you only have to meet one of our two terms. You either need to 1) have a business or event located within 40 miles of Boston or 2) have a business or event located within 40 miles of Chelmsford. It’s quite simple.

To get your charging station, just fill out the form below. And if you’re one of those businesses that happens to fall 40.5 miles outside of both, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

(855) 844-5060

Get Your Phone Charging Station

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