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09 Jun


June 9, 2015 | By |

Why Buy a Commercial Cell Phone Charging Station?

Increase Retention Rate with Charging Station
Keep Customers Around

We’ve all been there. You’re out and notice your phone battery is either dead or about to die. It causes anxiety and might even make you head home early. Providing one of our charging stations will make sure this doesn’t happen with your customers or guests.

Increase Foot Traffic with Charging Station
Drive Traffic & Create Buzz

Like bugs to a blue light, consumers with low or dead batteries will head to the nearest power source. Our charging stations can be the go-to spot and are a great way for your business , organization or event to be seen and heard by more people.

increase brand loyalty with phone charging station
Improve Brand Loyalty

Proudly power up your customers and flex your brand with a Veloxity charging station. Individual lockers provide a sense of security and shows your customers and guests that you care. A display screen on each station provides a unique branding platform.

commercial cell phone charging stations

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