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  • Universal Cell Phone Charging Stations Powered by 24/7 Technical Support

    Universal Cell Phone Charging Stations Powered by 24/7 Technical Support

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  • Cell Phone Charging Stations For Events, Festivals & Trade Shows

    Cell Phone Charging Stations For Events, Festivals & Trade Shows

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  • Phone Charging Stations That Improve Customer & Guest Engagement

    Phone Charging Stations That Improve Customer & Guest Engagement

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  • Phone Charging Stations for Schools and Universities

    Phone Charging Stations for Schools and Universities

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Cell Phone Charging Stations
That Supercharge Events and Venues

Engage and retain your customers and guests by providing a secure cell phone charging station. Our plug and play charging kiosks offer lockers for guests to charge their mobile devices so they spend more time with you – without low battery anxiety.

The Original Charging Station with Lockers

Universities, hospitals, airports, restaurants, casinos, conferences, trade shows, and events all across North America are buying or renting Veloxity cell phone charging kiosks to reach, retain, and their engage their customers or guests. The Veloxity charging stations have individual lockers that can charge up to 98% of smartphones on the current market and are big enough to fit tablets.

Combat Battery Anxiety

In today’s age, people dread dead or low batteries. When they see that red light on their mobile devices, they typically leave a venue, store or event to head elsewhere for power. By providing a cell phone charging kiosk, venues and businesses of any scale can increase retention rate, foot traffic, sales and customer satisfaction.

Delight Customers & Guests

Show your valued customers and guests that you really care by providing them with a universal cell phone charging station. Your business or organization can increase loyalty, foster word of mouth marketing and make your customers and guests really happy, so happy that you’ll be bound to gain more marketshare and mindshare.

Gain Advertising Space

Advertising space is valuable and often costly these days. With Veloxity’s cell phone charging stations, you get 19” of unique advertising space all to yourself. The LCD screen is ideal for displaying a promotion, sponsorship or branding your business. The LCD media is easily accessible through the charging station’s remote access.

Branding & Sponsorship

With a 19 inch LCD screen, each cell phone charging station provides a unique marketing platform for branding your organization or selling sponsorship. Compatible media for advertisements on the LCD screen includes MP4 videos and images of any format. Veloxity phone charging kiosks have built-in remote access making it easy to change your LCD promotions anywhere, anytime.
Product Specifications

What customers say about our cell phone charging stations

“Having a Veloxity cell phone charging station has not only pleased our customers but also created an operational efficiency for our business. Customers are no longer asking our staff to charge their mobile phones.”

High Rollers, Foxwoods Casino

“Las Vegas Harley-Davidson is very pleased with the performance of the Veloxity mobile charging stations we purchased. These units provide a service that is valuable for both our clients and our staff.”

Randy C., LV Harley-Davidson

“Having the mobile charging station in our store has created a lot of buzz for our business. Customers love the idea of having a safe place to charge their devices. The Veloxity charging station has been very easy to operate.”

Raj Kothari, NYC Business Owner

“Overall great experience with Veloxity. The mobile charging station was delivered a day ahead of schedule right to our shipping dock. We simply plugged the charging kiosk in and it started working right away.”

Medical Clinic, Silver Springs

“There’s nothing better than a company with a dedicated staff that cares.  The Veloxity team has followed through from order placement to delivery and several follow up calls to ensure sure my casino was happy with our station.”

Joanne R., Dir. of Guests Services

“The Veloxity phone charging kiosk helps us to stop customers that would otherwise walk right past. It provides a service that is relevant to most people. We get to talk to a client at least twice during the charging transaction.”

Brian Siebert, Comcast Xfinity

Buy or Rent

Veloxity’s mobile phone charging stations are available for events, venues, and businesses to buy or rent. Show appreciation for your customers or guests by providing them with a secure charging kiosk all while branding and promoting your organization.

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