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23 Aug


The 15 Worst Times for Your Phone to Die

August 23, 2016 | By |

So much of our daily lives involve cell phones, that at times it can be hard to live without them. As much as we’d like our phones to last forever, the reality is that if they’re not charged, they’re going to die. We spend a lot of time “charging up” and conserving our phone’s battery to prevent them from dying, but we aren’t always successful.

Luckily businesses and events are increasingly using phone charging stations. They’ve realized the importance of them and understand how much customers need them. Unfortunately, not every has caught on and even with phone charging stations becoming more popular, there are times when even they can’t save you. So we’ve created a list of the worst places and situations for your phone to die.


1) Driving to an Interview

You’re fresh out of college, and you’re headed to your first real job interview in the city. You spent a lot of time preparing for the interview and feel confident that you’re going to get the job. Unfamiliar with area, you’ve decided to use Google Maps. You get around half way there when you realize that you didn’t put your phone on Airplane mode and it died leaving you with no idea on how to get to the interview.

Using GPS to drive


2) Out Partying

This is a situation I’m sure most people can agree with. You go out drinking with your friends, you’re having a good time, and at some point in the night, your drunk friend Bob wanders off. But it’s not a huge concern to you at the time, because Bob is the one in the group that always does this, and you’re just trying to enjoy the night. But a few hours go by and you realize you still haven’t seen Bob, which is a little bit uncharacteristic. So you take out your phone to call him and notice that your phone is on 1%. When you go to call him, your phone dies.



3) “The Game Winner”

You’ve sat diligently as both teams go back and forth, trading points. You’ve been to games before, but had always hoped that you’d get to see something awesome happen. As the time winds down in the game, you see everyone starting to take their phone out to take a video. When you take out yours, you realize it died leaving you to watch the game winner with no real proof that you were actually there.

Warriors Buzzer Beater


4) At a Concert for Your Favorite Artist

You booked the ticket to see your favorite artist before any of your friends did. You showed up early and you’ve patiently waited the entire night for your favorite song. When it finally it comes on, you grab your phone and immediately go to Snapchat, but your phone dies. It was 14%, what the heck?! From that point on, your night just isn’t the same.

people watching a concert


5) Avoiding Conversation

Whether you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone, or you run into someone you used to know and they won’t stop talking to you, we’ve all used our phones to avoid making conversation. So you take out your phone and pretend like you’re texting someone. The only thing is your phone died, which means you’re actually going to have to talk to people.

texting to avoid conversation


6) At a Business Conference

As a business owner, you attend a decent amount of conferences because you’re trying to learn new things that your business can implement. You’ve let your clients know that if they need to reach you, to only call you in case of an emergency. You’re about halfway through the day’s events when one of your most important clients calls you. As you answer the phone, it dies.

People at a Business Conference


7) Emergencies

There isn’t a worse situation for your phone to die, than if you have to make an emergency phone call. While we hope that this doesn’t happen to you, it’s definitely a situation that can happen. This is why it’s important to conserve your phone’s battery, because you want to be able to use it in case of an emergency.

Dialing 911


8) Your Car Breaks Down

You’ve finally had the opportunity to take a few days off work and schedule a weekend getaway. You’re excited to spend some time by yourself and actually relax for once. Halfway through your drive, your car breaks down. After spending some time trying to find the issue, you realize you’re going to have to call for help. But when you pull out your phone, you realize it’s already dead.

Girl trying to find issue with car engine


9) Delayed Flight at the Airport

You’re at a layover in Chicago when your flight gets delayed. Your charger is in your suitcase because you didn’t think you’d need it. But after your flight continues to be pushed back due to the weather you really wish that you had it.

Two people waiting for flight at airport


10) You’ve Been on Hold for 30 Minutes

I’ve actually had this happen to me once and it’s one of the more frustrating times for your phone to die. Everyone knows the companies that make you wait 30 minutes every time you want to get in touch with someone from customer service. But the one thing that could make it worse is if your phone dies. Imagine waiting until you’re next in the queue line, only to have your phone die.

Girl annoyed when making phone call


11) Your Mom is Asking Where You Are

Mom’s like to worry. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, they like to check in to know that you’re alright. This time you happen to be seeing a movie with friends but you forgot to let your mom know where you are. So she texts you before the movie starts, asking where you are. As you start to text your mom back, your phone dies. Now your worrying mother has to wait several hours before she knows that you’re still alive.

stressed mom


12) Long Road Trips with the In-Laws

Long road trips can be dreadful as it is. But when your phone dies, that’s when you really start to understand how long a road trip with your in-laws really is. You’d be wise to manage your phone’s battery life well, because who knows what they’re going to talk about.

van on a dirt road


13) Locked Out

Being locked out is one thing. Being locked out and not being able to call your roommate is another. Imagine taking a taxi home from the bar. It’s 3am and you know your roommate who didn’t come out with you is asleep. When you arrive back at your apartments you start scurrying around for your keys, but realize that you forgot to bring them. So you grab your phone and when you start to call your roommate, the phone dies. It’s at the point you realize that you’re probably going to have to cozy up on the side of the building for the night.

Forgot keys on counter


14) You Need an Alarm Clock

Today, a phone isn’t just a phone. It serves a lot of purposes. It’s your calculator, GPS, and even an alarm clock. But if your phone doesn’t charge overnight, it’s not going to serve much use as an alarm clock. Imagine having an important client meeting, but because your phone died you woke up several hours late.

someone sleeping in a bed


15) Stuck in a Snowstorm

Being stuck in a remote place with no quick place to get help can be a scary situation, especially without a phone. If you plan on traveling anywhere during a storm, you should charge your phone beforehand because it could potentially save your life.


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