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26 Jun


The Apps That Drain Your Battery the Quickest

June 26, 2017 | By |

You forgot to charge your phone overnight. You’ve been out all day without a charger. You’ve been playing on your apps for too long. There are many reasons why your phone battery dies quickly, and there are many ways to save your battery so you can stay connected and stress-free throughout the day. We rounded up 5 apps that will drain your battery the fastest. Read More

23 Aug


The 15 Worst Times for Your Phone to Die

August 23, 2016 | By |

So much of our daily lives involve cell phones, that at times it can be hard to live without them. As much as we’d like our phones to last forever, the reality is that if they’re not charged, they’re going to die. We spend a lot of time “charging up” and conserving our phone’s battery to prevent them from dying, but we aren’t always successful. Read More

27 Jul


5 Apps That Are Draining Your Battery

July 27, 2016 | By |

If you’re like most people, you have at least 10 apps on your phone that you use on a daily or weekly basis. Some of those apps could be killing your battery life. Here are 5 popular smartphone apps that are notorious for draining battery:

  1. Snapchat

This app is one of the most popular apps created. It is also most likely the biggest drain on your battery. A part of the reason this app is so battery consuming is because it is a resource hog on your phone in terms of processing power and internal memory. If you want to save on battery and data but still use Snapchat, turn on “Travel Mode” which will load content as needed. Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

June 9, 2016 | By |

In a world that revolves around accessibility, finding your smartphone completely dead is both frustrating and incredibly inconvenient. You can’t reply to important emails, manage your work schedule, or even make an emergency call. It’s a situation that no one wants to be in. But luckily, with just a few simple tips, you can make your phone battery last longer: Read More

Smartphones with the Largest Battery Capacity

November 28, 2015 | By |

For most people, battery capacity is the number one criteria when selecting a smartphone.

Even in 2015, if a device lasts more than a day before running out of juice, it is doing well. While smartphones keep getting smarter, sleeker, savvier, and umm sexier (to some), battery capacity is still a top concern. Read More

What’s the life of a cell phone battery? Barely a year.

October 15, 2015 | By |

So what’s the average life of a cell phone battery? According to Battery University, lithium-ion manufacturers have admitted that cell phone batteries have a lifespan of 300-500 charging cycles, which is barely a year. As people rely on their phones for more and more they need to charge them more frequently. Read More

Phone Apps That Drain Your Battery Life

June 18, 2015 | By |

With smartphone battery life seemingly worse than ever, keep an eye out for these power-sucking apps.

When it comes to discussion of the short battery life for modern mobile devices, there are plenty of obvious culprits. Nothing drains a smartphone faster than taking lots of pictures and video. Also, everyone knows that viewing and posting on Facebook or watching YouTube videos will tear your battery to shreds. Read More

How to Make Sure Your Phone Survives Summer Music Festivals

June 12, 2015 | By |

With a few handy tips, you can ensure that your cell phone makes it out alive from this summer’s music festivals.

Summertime is finally here, and with it comes music festival season. From the 100,000 sun-soaked attendees at Tennessee’s annual Bonnaroo, to the cool shade of the Michigan woods at Electric Forest, there’s festivals for every taste in music (and scenery). Read More

Technology Progression, Battery Regression

As cell phone technology progresses, battery life is regressing at a significant rate.

A decade ago, you couldn’t watch Netflix on your phone. You couldn’t play Angry Birds or update your Facebook either. There is, however, one thing you used to be able to do that seems like a distant memory: Leaving your phone off the charger overnight. Read More

Cell Phone Battery Life Review

The battery life of a cell phone is probably its most important function. You can have the most powerful, fastest, or coolest phone on the market, yet if your battery life is poor, you will only have access to your phone for a limited amount of time.

New phones are constantly being updated with the latest technology which sucks up increasing amounts of battery life. Despite this, battery life is the least improved part of the phone over the past decade. Today’s phones are coming out with very large batteries compared to previous years to provide greater battery life for talking, texting, and web surfing. Read More