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11 Jul


The Latest in Smartphone Trends 2017

July 11, 2017 | By |

There are always new smartphone trends to look forward to, but in 2017, updates to phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google are starting to look more intriguing than ever before.

  1. Virtual Reality

The point of speeding up mobile devices is to allow them to run applications like virtual reality, which demand heavy resources. It’ll be possible to plug handsets into Google’s DayDream View VR headset to watch movies, play games, or roam VR worlds. Read More

2015 Report: Phone Battery Statistics

November 29, 2015 | By |

Today we live in a society where people are dependent on their cell phones. Our cell phones are our alarm clock, our GPS, our news source, and keep us connected all day everyday.

It has become the main way we communicate, and with the development of newer software, cell phones can make other aspects of our lives just as easy. Read More

Veloxity Releases Market Research Data on Phone Charging Stations for Events

Veloxity, an industry leader in secure, charging solutions, is releasing data collected from its phone charging stations across the country. Using the usage analytics that we’ve included in our charging stations, we were able to compile data on how users interact with our products. From professional events like trade shows and conferences to social events like galas and corporate outings, our data suggest that providing phone charging stations at events can have a significant impact on its success. Read More

Phone Battery Statistics Across Major US Cities

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone and 77% of Americans use smartphones. As the years progress younger and younger children are starting to use cellphones and even smartphones.

Having a smartphone is no longer a luxury, it is the norm.

It is hard to pass up having a smartphone when you can talk to someone on the other side of the world in real-time through your device’s screen, store hundreds of gigabytes for easy access without using a hard drive, and trade stocks on your smartphone. Read More