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12 Mar


Cell Phone Charging Stations: At A College Near You

March 12, 2015 | By |

Cell phone charging stations might a college near you.

The advantages of living in a mobile world are myriad and obvious: The connectivity, the on-the-go information, the location and navigation services…it’s a long list, and every app adds something new. However, there is one major downside: The problem of battery life.

The average smartphone user can get a day or two out of a mobile device, depending on its age and use – and sometimes devices quit at the worst of times. It’s particularly problematic for urban workers or university students, who may not be able to run out to their cars for a quick auto charge.

Some solutions have made the battery problem a bit more tolerable, like mobile charging packs or wireless charging pads. However, here at Veloxity we have a better plan in mind: A cell phone charging station that provides both convenience and security.

The number of mobile device charging stations are on the rise, especially in cities, but they often suffer from usability issues. You have to stay by the charging station to keep an eye on your phone, and it is not uncommon to be bombarded by inapplicable ads (and strangers) while you wait. Our Veloxity cell phone charging stations take a different approach, combining security and privacy so you don’t need to worry about leaving your devices alone to charge.

Meanwhile, our LCD screens can be used for campus and organization-related communication to share news or announce new events, in addition to targeted paid advertisements. It’s an ideal solution for college students that are always on the go and may not have time to slip back home and charge up their mobile devices. Because college students depend so much on their mobile devices for both communication and education, charging stations are particularly valuable in higher learning environments.

Using our station, students have access to up to six secure charging lockers where they can hook up their phones, tablets, MacBooks and other mobile devices for safe, quick charging. Each locker is protected via smart card technology or 4-digit passwords to prevent theft.

It’s an ideal way to charge devices between classes or during a class where the device isn’t necessary. Because users only need to stop by the charging stations to drop off and pick up their devices, the cycling information and ads on our LCD screens continue to have impact instead of just annoying users who have to wait there. It’s a simple solution that can be made to fit any college, no matter the style or size.

Our Veloxity cell phone charging stations are also available for other areas, including event venues, retail spaces, hospitals, and more. We offer stations for both purchase and rent, depending on your needs. Let us know how we can help. Contact us anytime.