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07 Sep


Cell Phone Charging Stations For Bars

September 7, 2016 | By |

VIDEO ABOVE: Cell Phone Charging Stations for Bars

If your bar or restaurant does not provide cell phone charging for customers then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. With the growing need for a smartphone without a dead battery, consider getting a charging solution for the following advantages:

Increased retention rate

Customers with a low or dead battery will get anxiety and likely cut their plans short. The last thing you want a customer to do is leave your bar or restaurant simply because you cannot accommodate for their charging needs. By providing phone chargers, you’ll keep customers longer and spending more.

Increased foot traffic

Just the same way customers may leave your venue for a charge, they may also come into your business if you are providing a charging solution. Make it clear by posting signage on the outside (such as window decals) or by putting a message on your website.

Improved loyalty + satisfaction

Customers will feel good about getting their phone charged at your business and they will remember that positive experience for a long time. One of the easiest ways to improve customer satisfaction is to cater to their needs and a phone charging amenity does just that. Having a charging station in your bar or restaurant will benefit your customers greatly. Having your phone die while you are out trying to meet up with peopler even trying to catch a ride home can be impossible with a dead phone.  Restaurants and bars that have a secure place for customers to charge their phones will make everyone a lot less anxious of a low phone battery.

If your bar or restaurant needs a phone charging solution, consider the Veloxity cell phone charging station which provides convenience and custom branding.

cell phone charging stations for bars