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23 Dec


Trade Shows and Cell Phone Charging Stations: A Powerful Duo

December 23, 2014 | By |

Trade shows are booming, and a cell phone charging station is just the ticket to draw attendees to your booth.

There’s no better way to increase foot traffic at your trade show booth than to set up a charging station for mobile devices. Just think about it – you’ve got hundreds of attendees, and just a few spare outlets strewn across the conference room.

In this day and age, cell phone batteries often hold their charge for just a few hours. Adding a charging station to your booth not only draws in more people, it keeps them there longer as well. This gives you valuable time to network and interact with potential customers.

Why the emphasis on trade shows? Why now? The industry is booming, that’s why! Even as technology has made teleconferencing a routine, everyday occurrence, nothing is quite like actual face-to-face communication. The fact that the trade show industry is growing so quickly is a testament to that ideal.

Last quarter, the industry saw 1.8 percent growth – the 17th consecutive positive quarter. The reason is as simple as it gets: attendance has been trending steadily upward since the economy turned around in 2010/2011. In fact, attendance is outpacing both the growth of net square footage and the number of exhibitors.

Now is the time to take full advantage of trade shows to grow your business. Of course, the only way to have a successful trade show is to get people to visit – and linger at – your booth. One surefire way to guarantee a busy booth is adding a cell phone charging station.

If you want your company to be a major player in the booming trade show industry, the time is now. Go get a charging station of your own before your next event!