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03 Feb


Mobile Phone Surge in the Medical Industry

February 3, 2017 | By |

You can often find phone charging stations at healthcare facilities. Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics purchase charging stations for employees and for patients in waiting rooms. To combat long wait times and prevent having frustrated patients, these medical facilities are brainstorming ways that they can keep patients satisfied.

One piece of technology, phone charging stations, allows people to charge their phone if needed. It can be frustrating waiting several hours, but it can be even more frustrating when you can’t make a necessary call or you can’t use your phone to occupy the time.

Equally as important are the employees that use mobile technologies on a day-to-day basis. A study conducted by Kantar Media in March 2015 found that 84% of US physicians polled use a smartphone for professional purposes. Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market have medical sections devoted to health apps that prove useful for physicians and healthcare professionals. Physicians are accessing apps to help them with a variety of roles, such as:

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Clinical reference
  • Drug and coding references
  • Productivity and organization tools
  • Medical journals

Edward McEachern, Jackson & Coker’s VP of marketing, described the use of smartphones in the medical industry and detailed that “the common thread is that physicians in all specialties–especially more recent graduates–are relying more and more on modern technology to advance their concern to provide medical care more efficiently, cost effectively, and ‘creatively’ through digital instruments that are readily available. What this indicates in terms of future trends is that mobile device manufacturers and companies that supply mobile technologies are well aware of the growing market in the healthcare field for their products and services.”

As a leading supplier of phone charging stations, Veloxity has noticed a rise in the demand for charging products. The company has worked with organizations like Dignity Health, John’s Hopkins, (list other non-event clients in the medical field) to ensure that patients and employees have a way to charge their phone. That popularity has also transferred over to the medical event industry. Since these healthcare facilities value phone charging technology, there is an equal demand for rentals at events. Coming up, Veloxity will be providing rental kiosks at both the Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit and the Western Pharmacy Exchange.

With people continuing to become more and more reliant on their mobile phones, healthcare facilities will increasingly seek out products that allow people to charge their phones. Our charging lockers are designed to securely store phones, tablets, laptops or any other electronic device while charging them. This makes it easy for healthcare providers to charge and begin using their phones again.

Have you or your organization adopted mobile charging stations? If not, give us a call so we can explain the benefits, and why it’s necessary.