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08 Oct


How Cell Phone Charging Stations Make Trade Shows Powerful

October 8, 2015 | By |

Cell phone charging stations can decidedly make trade shows more powerful.

Attendees, exhibitors and event planners alike are always armed with their cell phones.

As of 2017 (77%) of US adults own a smartphone. In 2015 (64%) of U.S. adults owned a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011, according to Pew Research.

The next time you are at trade show, conference or event, or even a resturant notice how many people are looking at their phone or tablet as they are sitting, standing or walking?  It’s a way of life.

But what happens when a cell phone or device is loose power?  Panic and frustration.  People look for a nearby outlet and wait for the dreaded red battery symbol to turn green.  What also often happens is that people experience dead battery anxiety and leave an establishment or trade show early in an effort to get plugged-in.

Given that attendees usually spend at least a few hours on the trade show floor, it only makes sense that they might be look for an outlet on the show floor or want to return to their hotel room for a charge.  As result, attendees miss out on trade show presentations and exhibit hall all while exhibitors loose interaction time. It’s one fine mess.

Cell phone charging stations can cure dead battery anxiety and help keep attendees and exhibitors fully charged.

Here are some ways that cell phone charging stations can make trade shows more powerful:

1. Keep attendees at your booth longer by actually providing a service they find unique and personally beneficial.  While you have their attention talk shop!

2. Showcase a promotion or news right on the charging kiosk LCD display screen.  The screen is a great display opportunity to keep attendees interested while they are waiting for their device to charge.

3. Start a conversation by offering a charge and gain one on one time with a prospect. This is a great conversation starter an alternative to the traditional greetings on the trade show floor.

4. Boost your brand by adding your logo and brand identity to front and sides of the charging kiosk.  This extra real estate offers a unique way to promote your messaging and attract your constituents.

5. Sell a sponsorship space to partners or vendors. Sponsors can deliver their message to a captive audience. The interactive touch screen on the top of the kiosk can deliver fully customized video contest to enhance the user experience.

Many companies these days offer cell phone charging stations for trade shows, events and conferences.  Veloxity is one such company that rents and sells cell phone charging kiosks to help make trade shows more powerful.