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05 Apr


7 Characteristics of a Superior Event Charging Station

April 5, 2017 | By |

Events are being revolutionized by mobile devices, making human interaction more efficient and exciting. Phones help bring an event to life and improve how we experience an event.  Because of that, people that attend events want to stay connected. They can’t have their phone dying halfway through because it ruins the event and their experience at that event.

Luckily, most event organizers understand this dilemma and know that they need to provide a source for people to charge their phones. Otherwise, how can fans truly appreciate the event?

Providing phone charging stations at your event can be more than a shelf of dangling cords, or a metal locker with screens.  It is an opportunity to make memorable connections. Low-tech and cheaper charging stations aren’t able to offer this value.

So what are the key characteristics that event organizers should look for in a phone charging station?

Key Characteristics for Event Charging Stations:

  • Proven: has the solution been field-proven over many years with a variety of clients?
  • Integrated: was the charging solution specifically designed to incorporate a variety of features (safe & secure charging, interactivity, energy-efficient) or was the charging solution just pieced together over time?
  • Open: Does the charging solution offer support and data reporting?
  • Versatile: Can the charging solution be customized?
  • Responsive: What happens if a person can’t remember their passcode? Is their work-arounds for being able to get your phone out of the charging station?
  • Trustworthy: Security is important with phone charging stations. Trust is earned over time through consistency and excellence
  • Valuable: No matter the cost of the charging station, is it good value for money? Is there room to upsell the solution to a partner or brand?  Do users love and value it?

Veloxity has spent years perfecting its charging solutions in order to offer the best phone charging station on the market. If you’re looking to rent or purchase a phone charging station for your event, contact us to learn more about our products.