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Charging Solution Distribution Opportunites

What brings you here is why started this business – there is an emerging market for secure charging solutions in the hospitality and entertainment industry. With that said, by leveraging your existing network in these industries both parties can mutually benefit from this new market with a distribution relationship.


  • Charging Station (Not configured) | Charging Stations “not configured” will ship directly from our factory and save you money. The units will come with everything necessary to function as a Charging Station, except the credit card processor (if applicable), which will be shipped separately. The credit card processor as well as the LCD screen, and payment structure can be configured by following our instructional manual. Click here to view our instructional manual.
  • Charging Station (Fully configured) | Charging Stations purchased as “fully configured” will ship from our warehouse in Boston and will have their LCD screens tailored to the venues liking, as well as come with the credit card processor (if applicable) that is linked to the venue’s or your bank account and a pricing structure of your desire.
  • Average Lead Time: 20 days for production, 5 days for testing/configuring, and 4 days for shipping.


  • Change LCD Promotion – Flat Fee
  • Change LCD Promotion – Yearly Subscription
  • Replacement of Hardware & Parts | 16 month limited warranty
  • Replacement of Charging Cord | 16 month limited warranty
  • Discount Purchase of New Cord (if new phone comes out)
  • Software Upgrade | Lifetime warranty


  • Payment options | If a venue wants to buy a charging station and prefers not to charge their customers for the service, we recommend the charging station with just a keypad for 4 digit codes in and out of the lockers instead of the credit card processor.
  • Customizations options | LED lights can be installed on machines that come “fully configured” for an additional price of $23 per locker. We can ship the LED lights for you to install for $19 per locker for units that are being shipped directly from our factory.
  • Marketing | Distributors can use Veloxity’s brand name, pictures, website and other promotional materials to help with sales pitches.
  • Territory Protection | For further incentive to our distributors, Veloxity can grant territory protection for reputable sources.
  • Insurance | Distributors can offer venues general liability insurance under Veloxity’s coverage of up to $2 million. This costs comes at $175 per machine per year.
  • Consignment | Consignment of units can be arranged once the distributor has established their relationship with Veloxity. Typically, this entails at least selling several machines before consignment is offered.
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Disclaimer: As of July 1st, 2014 the numerical values above are no longer valid for partnerships as should only be used as a loose point of reference.