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The Rise of Chinese Smartphones (Mobile Phone Review)

Have you noticed the rise of the Chinese smartphones in the US market? Here’s a brief review.

If you want to buy a new smartphone device in the United States, you are currently limited to American, South Korean, and Japanese phones. Chinese manufacturers, except for HTC, have yet to infiltrate the US market. This trend is changing as Chinese manufacturers are starting to produce competitive phones that are becoming more and more popular with American buyers. Manufacturers such as OnePlus, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi are quickly claiming lost ground in the smartphone marketplace.

In the past, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers produced inexpensive, mid-to-low tier phones which, although cheap, were not up to par with competitor phones. The problem with low-to-mid tier phones is the lack of demand in the US. Since the Chinese made phones were so inexpensive, they used to lack the technology needed to connect to the US carrier networks. China has the ability to produce high end smart phones as most technology is made in China and shipped out. The problem they face is that they do not have brand recognition that Apple and Samsung have.

Within the past few years, demand for Chinese made mobile devices has risen dramatically for a variety of reasons. The main reason is specifications. New Chinese smartphones such as the OnePlus One and Oppo Find7 come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 & 805 processors respectively. These are the same processors used by flagship phones currently available in the US such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Both phones also have outstanding battery life, enough to last a user a full day with medium to heavy usage.

Price is another major selling point for the Chinese phones. While comparable Apple and Samsung flagship devices cost an upwards of $600, you can pick up a Chinese made phone for a fraction of that. For example, the OnePlus One is currently on sale in the US for $299 which is not a bad deal considering the flagship specifications you receive, even though it is invite only.

These phones come unlocked and are compatible with most US carriers. The Chinese invasion into the US mobile phone market has begun.

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