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28 May


Time to Combine Mobile and PC Data

May 28, 2015 | By |

Increasing consumer usage of mobile devices creates a need to combine mobile and PC customer data.

As consumers’ mobile device use continues to exponentially increase, the necessity of combining mobile and PC customer data grows by the day. A whopping 60 percent of time Americans spend on the internet is done so via mobile devices. Furthermore, 52 percent of connected time is spent in apps instead of in traditional web browsers.

With this trend almost certain to continue, it’s time to find a simple solution for combining mobile and PC data. Gathering cookie data from the PC side of things – along with mobile data from app measurement companies – is simple enough. The challenge lies in combining these datasets into one individual customer profile.

For now, the solution is device graphs, which “match” one user’s devices by using data like login info and Wi-Fi IPs. By combining these separate datasets into one, companies can compile a much more complete picture of their customers’ online tendencies.

With mobile data use continually on the rise, the demand for solutions grows in another area: How do we keep consumers’ devices charged up? After all, nobody’s buying anything or perusing any apps if their device is dead. Yet again, it seems that charging station kiosks are the answer to this ever-growing problem. Charging kiosks provide a great solution for dead phones while you are on the go, lets face it.. this generation is always on the go!