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Commercial Cell Phone Charging Stations

December 23, 2013 | By | One Comment">One Comment

Nearly all Americans own cell phones or mobile devices but one of the main issues these consumers face is finding a charging source when away from home or an outlet. This is especially true in shopping centers, sports venues, and other events where recharging a cell phone is very inconvenient or nearly impossible.

Veloxity provides the commercial cell phone charging stations for this problem. Veloxity offers businesses a multiple device charging station that can handle several phones at once, allowing them to be securely recharged on the spot. This service is not only needed, it is appreciated by customers who otherwise would be out of having cell phone service often when they really need it.

What is Veloxity?

Veloxity installs, operates, and services commercial cell phone charging stations across the United States and Internationally. They offer three basic plans for purchasing their services.

  • Host (Revenue-sharing)
  • Lease (Long term leases or short-term event rentals)
  • Full Purchase

Using the hosting option venues will not have to pay for this kiosk itself. Instead, customers who use the service would be charged $1 to $3 per use depending on location.There are some venues where revenue sharing may apply as well. The hosting option is only available to high foot traffic venues in the New England region.

Alternatively, one can lease the charging station for a facility, function, conference, or event on a daily or per month basis. The lease option would allow for your guests to have the charging service for free.

Lastly, the multiple device charging station can be purchased outright from Veloxity, including LCD customization, 24/7 remote access and support. Each unit comes with a 1 year product warranty and lifetime software warranty. The charging cords themselves have a 2 year warranty.

How can Commercial Cell Phone Charging Stations Help Your Business?

Basically, our cell phone charging stations can be of great service in places where customers need to have their cell phone batteries recharged. Such venues include the following;

  • Bars, Lounged, Nightclubs & Restaurants
  • Casinos, Hotels, and Shopping Centers
  • Fitness Centers & Gyms
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Airports & Train Stations
  • Sport Arenas & Concert Halls
  • Amusement Parks & Musuems
  • Car dealerships & Other Businesses

All of these types of businesses and facilities benefit from having Veloxity charging stations present on their premises. However, short term events such as Trade Shows, Large Public Events, 5K Runs, Charity Balls and the like can also use Veloxity charging stations. Anywhere a large group of people will be gathering and in need of cell phone charging, Veloxity offers the perfect solution.

For businesses that obtain a Veloxity commercial phone charging kiosk, they provide a valuable service to potential customers that will be appreciated. This helps build the brand of the business through the 19” LCD touch-screen display where venue promotions and digital advertisements can be played.

This type of service, whether on their own property or at large public venues where the company has a presence can increase the reputation of the company which over time. This means good word of mouth advertising and a broader customer base for their business. Our charing stations can be custom wrapped to advertise for your company. This draws a lot of attention because of the LCD lights people are more likely to look over at the station and see what it is all about, giving your company more brand recognition.

If your business is looking to expand its customer base and retention rate, a Veloxity commercial cell phone charging station at your venue or event can provide a much needed public service while building customer goodwill and experience.

Content updated on May 12th, 2015