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14 Mar


Shopping Malls Shop for Shoppers

March 14, 2015 | By |

Shopping malls are shopping for shoppers. We all know that traditional shopping malls took a big hit after the economic crisis. Problems at commercial retailers such as Sears, J.C. Penny and Macy’s could signal even more trouble.

The good news is malls are trying to adapt. As online shopping grows bigger, competition is becoming fierce in the world of brick and mortar retail.

The South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA, shows just how competitive the mall business can be. The shopping center is one of the most successful high-end malls in the U.S., and it offers all kinds of amenities to lure customers: There’s a VIP lounge for frequent shoppers, translators for 60 different languages and a meditation room. But the list doesn’t end there, malls have continued to adapt and get creative in the following ways:

Same day delivery: This time saving perk allows shoppers to have in store purchases delivered to nearly any destination within a certain radius the same day. Its become a must have because of the added ease and convenience.

Transportation Courtesies: Parking can be a huge hassle during peak shopping season. Customers having to make in- and- out purchases now have new options on even the busiest of shopping days. Some mall locations have added parking ambassadors to assist guests with parking and provide up to date knowledge on lot status. In addition several locations have partnered with Uber to provide free trips to participating malls. Uber stands are available inside the mall so there’s no waiting in the cold.

Cell Phone Charging Stations: Nothing can put a damper on your mood quite like a dead cell phone battery. Many malls have realized that true service includes more than providing just information, so some malls have introduced cell phone charging stations to help guests avoid the anxiety of a dead battery. There are many companies that have partnered with malls to offer commercial cell phone charging stations. This means customers can simply walk up to the station, enter a pin or swipe a card, then connect their phone inside a private locker. Cell phone charging kiosks are a perfect addition to a shopping mall because for the most part once you enter the mall to poke around you end up staying for longer than expected. I know I can go to the mall for one store and end up staying for over an hour. With a cell phone charing kiosk I can charge my phone while getting my errands done. Its truly a win-win.