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How to: Fast Cell Phone Charging

In addition to using a cell phone charging station, there are several other ways to get a fast charge for your mobile device. Here is a short guide outlining several methods for fast cell phone charging:

  1. Avoid using USB chargers.  USB chargers have been shown to actually charge a phone much slower than a traditional charger plugged into an standard wall outlet. If you have the option, always go with a standard wall outlet charger.
  2. Power down your phone or put it into airplane mode. With airplane mode on, your phone will not be connected to a network and it will hardly use any battery life. This trick will significantly improve battery charging time.
  3. Suspend unnecessary phone applications while charging.  Phone applications can drain a battery very quickly. With that said, they can also significantly show battery charging speeds.
  4. Switch off phone functionalities. Functions such as GPS, bluetooth, or WiFi eat up a lot of battery, so turn them off before charging your device.
  5. Replace your battery once every 6 months. Cell phone batteries become less efficient over time which could affect charging speed. As a rule of thumb, you should try and replace your battery at least twice a year. Battery replacements are very cheap, on average they should run you less than $20.
  6. Close out all apps. Having many apps open on your device at one time drains your battery and makes charging your phone a much slower process. To speed up charging close your apps and try not to use your phone.


Stayed Connected and Happy! –The Veloxity Team