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Improve Trade Show Engagement and Increase Foot Traffic to Your Booth

February 18, 2014 | By | One Comment">One Comment

At conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events, everyone is glued to their phone.  With everyone’s attention on their handheld mobile device, it’s really hard to make Trade Show Engagement. By renting or leasing a Universal Device Charging Station with integrated lockers you will gain someone’s undivided attention. Not to mention, by providing a charging solution at your trade show booth or event, you will be the cool kid on the block!

Here are several reasons why you should consider having charging station for your next trade show or event:

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Booth

Seeing that your phone is close to dying is probably the worst feeling for anyone who uses it on a regular basis.  And it’s even worse having one power outlet and dozens of people that need it! Having a phone charging station for a trade show or event eliminates this bull rush to an outlet. Even if someones phone is plugged into a wall outlet, the person will not give your their full attention because they are constantly checking to make sure their phone is still there. When people place their phones in a secure charing station they will be more likely to focus solely on what you have to say. Our data shows, on average, foot traffic to your trade show booth will increase by 20-30%.

Improve Engagement of Customers and Leads

If someone is using your charging station, you will most likely be serving them for 10-15 minutes. This is a great way to promote your brand to the individual. 10-15 minutes is plenty of time to bring your point across. Since you are offering a great service to the individual, they will be much more interested in the promotion that you are presenting and their phone will be significantly more charged than it was at the beginning of your conversation which is a win- win!

Develop Brand or Promotion Awareness

A phone charging station at a trade show is a great way to market your brand, by having your brand on the kiosk it allows everyone to see and remember your brand.  This type of buzz is cost efficient and allows your name to get out there with a lot less work and a lot more brand visibility. Each charging station has a 19 inch LCD screen for you to throw up your logo and play your promotions.

Supports Charging for Multiple Devices

No need to worry about whether or not the charging stations can support the many phones that would be coming and going.  The majority of phones on the market are well supported and all top name brands are also good to go! Oh, the charging station locker can also fit tablets, small laptops, and other electronics.

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