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06 Apr


The Power of Trade Shows [Infographic]

April 6, 2016 | By |

With over 4 years of sustained industry growth, it’s no surprise that trade shows are a powerful way for companies to attract new business and expose their brands.

There are now over 310 trade show and exhibition centers in the United States and that number has been increasing every year since 2004.

4 in 5 attendees at a trade show, are able to make a buying decision for their company and 46% of attendees are executive or upper management.

According to Skyline, tech at trade shows saw a 12% growth rate in 2014 and will continue double digit growth for the next few years as the industry integrates Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, touch screen displays, and more.

Infographic - The Power of Trade Shows


  1. Megan

    Attending trade shows has helped our company grow rapidly.. I can only imagine if we had a charging station at our booth how many more people would come by