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18 Mar


Phone Charging Station for Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

March 18, 2014 | By |

Through our previous blogs, we’ve established that staying connected in today’s world is of utmost importance. This is especially true for undergrads and young adults. Each generation of students is more tech-savvy than the last, and as such there is a growing need for fully charged and operational mobile devices on college campuses and academic institutions. The need for technology on college campuses is ever growing as many textbooks are now offered as online books. Along with classes that require internet access, you never want to show up with a device that is low on battery.

Of course, the best solution to staying connected in college would be for students to carry a handy mobile charger in their school bag at all times. But this is not a realistic expectation; inevitably, there will be those who will forget their chargers at home or in their dorms and those who will not even think about a charger until they need it. As an academic institution who takes interest in making it as easy as possible for its students to excel, investing in a charging station may not be a bad idea.

A universal phone charging station for Universities, colleges or schools:

  1. Free your students from the limitations of the current state of technology. This is especially applicable to schools with a commuter base.

  2. Provide a secure and safe charging experience. Students can use a credit card, school ID, or a four-digit passcode for locker access.

  3. Add new technology for a modern touch! It is also a great addition to show off prospective students at school tours.


Some ideal locations for charging stations on campus are cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories, outside classrooms and any other such activity centers where students remain for long periods of time or are too preoccupied in their activity to use their mobile devices. What’s more, these activities can be done more efficiently and effectively if students were as detached as possible from their mobiles.

The charging station is also very compelling to students who live off campus. Commuters usually spend their whole day in the library, the cafeteria or other activity centers when not in class. It would be a great inconvenience for them to have to choose between prematurely going home to charge their phones and spending the rest of the day without battery.

Moreover, the charging station would also serve as a peripheral attraction for parents and potential students on tours or visits, enhancing the technological impression of your campus.

So far this article has mostly been hypothetical. You might be wondering, wouldn’t the student have to stand and watch over his phone? I mean, some universities have theft issues within the student community and constantly having to check if your phone is still there is impractical and defeats the purpose altogether. Let me take this opportunity to highlight one of the distinguishing factors of Veloxity’s Charging Station – it’s security integrated! Each locker charges one cellphone at a time and can only be reopened by a credit card or the student ID that was used at the beginning of the transaction. An alternative option is the use of a keypad that employs four-digit passcodes to access the lockers.

You may also be asking yourself, what about pricing? It’s true, most college students live on small budgets that require them to save and control discretionary spending to pay off their student loans as soon as possible. . For this reason, we recommend free charging for colleges and universities. However, the university can ‘pass the cost on to the student’ and charge users however much it wants for the service per unit of time – for example: $1 for 30 mins, $2 for one hour, and $3 for two hours. We leave this completely up to you. By purchasing or leasing our charging station, the client has full discretion to set-up any combination of pricing options to its users.

Stay Connected. The Veloxity Team.