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05 Jan


Powerful Event Technology That Ignites Show Traffic & Engagement

January 5, 2015 | By |

The most successful events these days have powerful event technology that can ignite show traffic and engagement. Sure, you need a smart theme, addressable market and remarkable venue. But add some of these event technologies, and your crowd is sure to be pleased.

Live Streaming – Some attendees can’t attend a live event because of schedule or location. Many events offer live broadcasts or virtual events. Companies such as Livestream are make it possible for an audience to be a part of the event without needing to physically attend. This is a great way for event planners to push their content to a larger audience and build loyalty. Many platforms also offer “pay-per-view” models so event planners can generate an additional revenue stream.

Check-In Systems – There’s nothing worse than attendees waiting in line to get their event passes or event planners loosing track of who has checked in or not. With digital check-in systems such as Boomset, the process is streamlined under one platform. Most systems can also provide analytics and reporting to offer event planners insight about their attendees.

Internet (Wi-Fi) – Although this one may seem obvious, it surely is one of the most important. Most convention centers or event venues do not supply WiFi. Fortunately, several internet solutions exist such as Etech, which provide Wi-Fi towers for events, even in remote locations. Internet is also a sponsorship platform as the SSID, or name of the Wi-Fi, is often sold to sponsors in a package.

Contactless Transactions – New technology! Near Field Communication (NFC) is set to be commonplace at UK events in 2014. It is a growing technology that allows smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets to connect via a radio connection. GSMA is already using NFC to provide un-manned check-in points for registration, access to maps, exhibitor details, feedback services and much more. NFC is becoming a growing trend in contact-less payments, and as Apple is yet to join list of manufacturers who have implemented the functionality

And of course, what show would be complete without a cell phone charging station from Veloxity?