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24 Nov


Veloxity Roundup: Smartest Thanksgiving Smartphone Apps

November 24, 2015 | By |

Thanks to tasty new technology, there are apps for every portion of planning your Thanksgiving meal.

Veloxity is happy to share a roundup of smartphone apps to make your Thanksgiving a bit easier.

Yummly is a great app for finding recipes and reviews. The app pulls recipes from big names like Martha Stewart and even smaller independent blogs.

Vivino is an app and wine community that offers an up to date catalog with prices, stores, regions, grapes and reviews.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen, an initiative of the 12-year-old nonprofit known as StoryCorps, With this free app, you can interview and record the voices and memories of family members.

FridgePal tracks the expiration dates of food items and offers consumer shopping lists, recipes searchable by lists of ingredients, and a meal planner. The app visually separates food contained in refrigerators, freezers, and pantries. It also gives cooks the option of viewing items by type, such as dairy, meals and leftovers, or sauces.

LeftoverSwap can snap a picture of their uneaten food and arrange for pickup with other community members who are interested in their leftovers.

PareUp allows consumers in New York City to purchase unsold food at a discount from a number of various retailers, who in turn increase their revenues by selling food that normally would have been thrown away at the end of the business day.

Spoiler Alert allows food distributors to donate surplus product to charities in Boston, MA. The company offers a secondary market for discounted food sales, which enables new revenue streams, and streamline and simplify the documentation for tax benefits.

Still Tasty will also provide expiration date reminders while also giving users access to a detailed database containing hundreds of food items. The resource takes many variables into account, such as if the item’s store-bought or homemade, open or unopened, and packaging type, giving storage tips accordingly.

Now enjoy black Friday!

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