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Staying Connected Inherent for Business & Personal Life

Staying connected” is often used in relation to business – employees, through smartphones and other mobile devices can stay connected to the office and with clients, virtually 24/7. The thing is, staying connected is just as important in all aspects of everyday life, from communicating with friends through texting and social media, to making sure the babysitter can find you in an emergency. Being able to reach someone – whether it’s for work or personal reasons – is as ubiquitous as breathing.

Ask any teenager and they’ll say if they don’t have their phone in their hands at all times, they’re in a near state of panic. It makes us feel disconnected from the rest of the world; that we are only living in the space we occupy at that moment. Having a cell phone gives us real-time insight to where and what our friends and family are doing even when we are not by their side. It’s almost as though we have an obsession with what is going on around us the second it happens. This includes communicating with parents and friends where you are “right now” and also connecting with the people closest to us when they need us most. According to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, about 15% of the population will suffer from clinical depression at some time during their lifetime. A comforting text message, phone call, Face Time, or supporting social media comment from a friend can make an unimaginable, positive difference.

The ability to stay connected with their children has given parents new peace as well as frustration. When parents can’t get in touch with their children it causes a new found restlessness because they should be able to reach them at all times. That’s the beauty of a cell phone, right? Instead, concerned mothers are losing sleep because their calls and text messages go unanswered. Some parents even take advantage of the tracking feature on their child’s cell phone so they know where they are at all times. According to VB News, 65% of parents snoop on their kids’ smartphones and 29% track their location. Although this may seem invasive, it’s a good way to ensure that your child is not in danger, or at the very least is where they say they are. With a cell phone, there is really no excuse to not keep parents informed when plans change on the fly.

Relationships with our friends and family are dependent on anywhere, anytime electronic communication. Mobile devices are the only way some people can stay connected with those who live far away from home. They make it possible for a young adult who came to America by themselves for school to tell their parents across the world the second they got their first good grade. Mobile devices close the physical gap we have between us and the people we care about. Long distance relationships are also easier with the use of technology because you can send your partner a video of where you are or what you’re doing and make them feel like they are right there with you. Mobile devices give us the freedom to venture away from our comfort zone because we know we can stay connected 24/7 to the people and places we are most familiar with.

Along with staying connected to your family and friends today we also need to be connected through our apps. Apps like Snapchat allow us to get real time updates of peoples days even if we really weren’t asking for it. Snapchat allows people to use geotags( locational tags) to show where they are. 16-24 year olds are also big into social media and always want to be up to speed with what is going on in the social media world. They need a charged phone to be able to keep up and these apps drain battery quickly so millennials are always on a search for a phone charger.

So, herein lies the problem. When your cell phone dies and you do not have your charger with you, all you want to do is stop what you’re doing and go home. Chances are slim to none you will find someone you’re with who has the same charger as you, with so many options today – iPhone, Android, Windows – there’s a 2% chance that the universe will be in your favor in desperate times. Smartphones have not only become a privilege, but a deep-seeded, lifeblood necessity. Every single part of society has evolved over the years because of this technology and its obvious role in our lives, our relationships, our jobs and our sanity. Keep your mobile device charged, continue your adventure, be in a good mood, and stay connected. -The Veloxity Team