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27 Mar


Keeping Stadium Fans in the Stands

March 27, 2015 | By |

A man cave with a 110-inch Ultra HDTV is a challenge for keeping stadium fans in the stands at sporting events.

Thanks in part to new niceties, crowds at stadiums still go wild despite the continued growth of televised sports.

While scoring high TV ratings is a big money-maker for sporting events, in-person attendance remains crucial to the bottom line in the industry. Across the nation, stadiums are now equipped with swimming pools, massive jumbotron screens, lounges and Wi-Fi networks.

The stadium experience as we know it is transforming at a revolutionary rate. For example, you can still get that footlong hot dog, but high-quality food options are now a staple at every major sporting event. It seems like just yesterday that popcorn and soda were pretty much the only options.

The innovations certainly haven’t stopped, as the future holds many exciting possibilities. One that could prove to be particularly significant is the integration of smartphones into stadium tech. Ordering food and drinks from your seats – or checking bathroom lines before even standing up – is the kind of convenience-driven innovation that will sell tickets.

Another intriguing development is the paperless “loaded ticket” trend. The New York Jets offer pocket-sized smart cards that earn reward points each time they’re scanned at the gate. Much like credit card rewards, consumers can cash in their points for team merchandise, playoff tickets and more.

The perfect complement to these new amenities would be some cell phone charging stations. How convenient would it be to get some extra juice for your phone while waiting in the concession line? Having a sleek charging kiosk that is free to use and can be custom wrapped with any advertisement  your area wants may be the perfect eye catching way to attract business for your company.