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13 Jul


Top 5 External Power Packs for Smartphones

July 13, 2016 | By |

If you’re like most people, chances are you use your phone a lot and the battery probably dies quite often. If so, you should consider buying an external and portable power packs for your smartphone so you can charge wherever you go. There’s thousands of them on the market from hundred of manufacturers, so which ones are a good buy? Here’s the five best we found (not counting our own Power Pax):

  1. Mophie Powerstation Series

This is by far one of the best portable batteries on the market right now. It is incredibly slim and will easily fit in any pocket without feeling cumbersome. It comes in several different capacity sizes that are labeled 1X, 2X, 3X, and so on. The price varies with the capacity chosen so check out their website for a look at their full line of batteries and related accessories.

  1. Insignia NS-MB200B

This is definitely one for the budget conscious. This little battery boasts a 5200 mAh for a bargain price of only $9. Yes, it is the Best Buy generic brand. But don’t let that deter you, many of Best Buy’s in-house products fare quite well if you’re not expecting them to be fancy. You can get one directly from their website or walk in to your local store.

  1. Energizer XP Series

This series of batteries comes from one of the most instantly recognizable names in batteries. These batteries can power a netbook or tablet for an extra 4-6 hours after the internal battery has died depending on which model you choose. All of the XP series batteries come with a solid 3 year warranty  and start around $90. The price is not for the budget buyer, but the unheard of warranty more than makes it worth it. You can get the specs on all of th XP series on Energizer’s website.

  1. HyperJuice Plug

This battery has what is probably one of the most innovative designs in the world of portable battery packs. Instead of using a cable or adapter to charge itself, it plugs directly into the wall and looks remarkably similar to the original iPhone charger blocks (remember those bulky things?). It comes in a variety of capacities and playful colors starting around $70. You can check out all of their other batteries here.

  1. Goal Zero Flip10 Recharger

The good people at Goal Zero set out to make great portable battery packs that were capable of being charged purely by the power of the sun. With the Flip10, they have made a rugged battery pack that can withstand the elements and be charged by solar power for only $25. The Flip10 only holds enough juice for one charge but the company boasts a huge product line that includes many other charging options. Check out the Flip10 here.

If you are looking to buy or rent external power packs for your business or event, check out the Power Pax (portable charging system).