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The latest news and trends in mobile technology, events, and more.

The Rise of Chinese Smartphones (Mobile Phone Review)

Have you noticed the rise of the Chinese smartphones in the US market? Here’s a brief review.

If you want to buy a new smartphone device in the United States, you are currently limited to American, South Korean, and Japanese phones. Chinese manufacturers, except for HTC, have yet to infiltrate the US market. This trend is changing as Chinese manufacturers are starting to produce competitive phones that are becoming more and more popular with American buyers. Manufacturers such as OnePlus, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi are quickly claiming lost ground in the smartphone marketplace. Read More

How Dirty Are Cell Phones? Statistics Show Devices Contain 25,000 Germs

It’s a well-known fact that cell phones are dirty objects, but just how dirty are they? Cell phone statistics show that each square inch contains roughly 25,000 germs, making it one of the filthiest things you come in contact with on a daily basis. That’s something to think about the next time you press your face to your phone. Read More

Fast Charge Technology for Phones Makes Standby Time Irrelevant

Fast charge technology for phones is evolving at a rapid rate and making standby time practically irrelevant.

Thanks to the smart geeks at Oppo, Samsung, and Motorola, cell phone owners might not have to angina from dreaded dead battery anxiety.

Oppo is one of the first manufacturers in the fast charge technology for phones race. . Being a fairly new manufacturer in the United States, Oppo entered the market with the Find 7 & 7A, a high end flagship device with top tier specifications and most importantly, the ability to charge 90% of the phones 3,000 mAh battery in 45 minutes with Oppo’s VOOC Rapid Charge charger. After observing Oppo’s success with Find 7 and its rapid charge technology, other manufacturers followed suit. Samsung, a giant in the mobile phone market now offers similar fast charge capabilities in their Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 smartphones. Both phones come with bespoke charging ports to allow for the fast charge capabilities. The Note 4’s fast charge capability allows the phones battery to charge from 0-50% in 30 minutes. Read More

Top Six Reasons Your Trade Show Booth Needs a Mobile Charging Station

Want to increase traffic and improve networking? Here’s the top six reasons you need a charging station at your next trade show.

In your mind, picture the most recent conference you attended. How many people were actually interacting with each other, and how many had their faces stuck in a phone, tablet, or other mobile device? Probably more of the latter than the former, right? Read More

London Phone Booths Become Cell Phone Charging Stations

Cell phone charging stations are popping up everywhere. In fact, some of London’s iconic telephone booths are being re-purposed as cell phone charging stations.

London’s world-famous red telephone booths are an aesthetic staple of the city. However, with mobile-phone use constantly increasing, traditional pay phones are fast becoming a thing of the past. The solution? Convert them to solar-powered mobile charging stations. Read More

Top Locations for Cell Phone Charging Stations

Most popular industries and usage for Veloxity charging stations so far this year:

Trade shows:

Attendees tend to stay longer at events longer when tradeshow exhibitors or event planners offer cell phone charging stations.

  • Universities:

    Students live in a hyperconnected world.  A charging station on campus offers a way for students to stay connected with one another and the university.

  • Hospitals:

    A hospital visit can sometimes cause anxiety.  Many hospitals are curing dead battery anxiety by providing charging stations for visitors, patients and staff.

  • Restaurants:

    Dining establishments of all sizes are serving up charging stations and seeing patrons stay longer and longer.

  • Clubs & Bars:

    These venues are experiencing the ROI of vending electricity through charging stations. Patrons can enjoy the night instead of leaving early to go home to charge their phones.

  • 6. Arenas  Read More

    Technology Progression, Battery Regression

    As cell phone technology progresses, battery life is regressing at a significant rate.

    A decade ago, you couldn’t watch Netflix on your phone. You couldn’t play Angry Birds or update your Facebook either. There is, however, one thing you used to be able to do that seems like a distant memory: Leaving your phone off the charger overnight. Read More

    Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities

    Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities keep students connected.

    Back to school time is here, and every student will have at least one cell phone or laptop. It’s how they do work, follow news & sports, communicate, and literally stay connected on and off campus. When a battery that powers a device dies, students get really bummed out. It’s called dead battery anxiety. YouTube even has tons of videos about the scary topic. Read More

    When Does iPhone 6 Come Out? iPhone 6 Release Date

    The question we have all been waiting to get answered:

    When does the iPhone 6 come out?

    Rumors suggest that in just a few weeks Apple will unveil their flagship smartphone. To satisfy curiosity we have compiled the most credible rumors for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.

    Release Date

    It has been a long time since Apple last released a smartphone into the market so the wait for iPhone 6 been long awaited. Several sources report that Apple will hold a press event on Sept. 9th to introduce some of what Eddy Cue has been bragging about a few months ago at the Code conference. If they don’t show off the phone here – you can expect the iPhone 6 to be launched by sometime near Sept. 19th. Read More

    Veloxity Releases Market Research Data on Phone Charging Stations for Events

    Veloxity, an industry leader in secure, charging solutions, is releasing data collected from its phone charging stations across the country. Using the usage analytics that we’ve included in our charging stations, we were able to compile data on how users interact with our products. From professional events like trade shows and conferences to social events like galas and corporate outings, our data suggest that providing phone charging stations at events can have a significant impact on its success. Read More