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Powerful Event Technology That Ignites Show Traffic & Engagement

January 5, 2015 | By |

The most successful events these days have powerful event technology that can ignite show traffic and engagement. Sure, you need a smart theme, addressable market and remarkable venue. But add some of these event technologies, and your crowd is sure to be pleased.

Live Streaming – Some attendees can’t attend a live event because of schedule or location. Many events offer live broadcasts or virtual events. Companies such as Livestream are make it possible for an audience to be a part of the event without needing to physically attend. This is a great way for event planners to push their content to a larger audience and build loyalty. Many platforms also offer “pay-per-view” models so event planners can generate an additional revenue stream. Read More

Trade Shows and Cell Phone Charging Stations: A Powerful Duo

December 23, 2014 | By |

Trade shows are booming, and a cell phone charging station is just the ticket to draw attendees to your booth.

There’s no better way to increase foot traffic at your trade show booth than to set up a charging station for mobile devices. Just think about it – you’ve got hundreds of attendees, and just a few spare outlets strewn across the conference room. Read More

Top Six Reasons Your Trade Show Booth Needs a Mobile Charging Station

Want to increase traffic and improve networking? Here’s the top six reasons you need a charging station at your next trade show.

In your mind, picture the most recent conference you attended. How many people were actually interacting with each other, and how many had their faces stuck in a phone, tablet, or other mobile device? Probably more of the latter than the former, right? Read More

Improve Trade Show Engagement and Increase Foot Traffic to Your Booth

At conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events, everyone is glued to their phone.  With everyone’s attention on their handheld mobile device, it’s really hard to make Trade Show Engagement. By renting or leasing a Universal Device Charging Station with integrated lockers you will gain someone’s undivided attention. Not to mention, by providing a charging solution at your trade show booth or event, you will be the cool kid on the block! Read More