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Staying Connected Inherent for Business & Personal Life

Staying connected” is often used in relation to business – employees, through smartphones and other mobile devices can stay connected to the office and with clients, virtually 24/7. The thing is, staying connected is just as important in all aspects of everyday life, from communicating with friends through texting and social media, to making sure the babysitter can find you in an emergency. Being able to reach someone – whether it’s for work or personal reasons – is as ubiquitous as breathing. Read More

Cell Phone Battery Comparison – Top & Worst Phone Batteries

National surveys suggest that phone battery life is one of the biggest pain points for consumer and the most important feature that needs improvement in smartphones. Other features such as screen size and processing speed seem to have reached a pretty satisfactory level on modern phones but having to charge your battery multiple times daily is still required for the vast majority of them. Now that they all have quad-core processors it takes more and more power to keep one going. To effectively gauge battery performance, three different variables were measured for a total of 7 popular smartphones on the market today. Read More

Phone Charging Station for Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

March 18, 2014 | By |

Through our previous blogs, we’ve established that staying connected in today’s world is of utmost importance. This is especially true for undergrads and young adults. Each generation of students is more tech-savvy than the last, and as such there is a growing need for fully charged and operational mobile devices on college campuses and academic institutions. The need for technology on college campuses is ever growing as many textbooks are now offered as online books. Along with classes that require internet access, you never want to show up with a device that is low on battery. Read More

Improve Trade Show Engagement and Increase Foot Traffic to Your Booth

At conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events, everyone is glued to their phone.  With everyone’s attention on their handheld mobile device, it’s really hard to make Trade Show Engagement. By renting or leasing a Universal Device Charging Station with integrated lockers you will gain someone’s undivided attention. Not to mention, by providing a charging solution at your trade show booth or event, you will be the cool kid on the block! Read More

Cell Phone Battery Life Review

The battery life of a cell phone is probably its most important function. You can have the most powerful, fastest, or coolest phone on the market, yet if your battery life is poor, you will only have access to your phone for a limited amount of time.

New phones are constantly being updated with the latest technology which sucks up increasing amounts of battery life. Despite this, battery life is the least improved part of the phone over the past decade. Today’s phones are coming out with very large batteries compared to previous years to provide greater battery life for talking, texting, and web surfing. Read More

How to: Fast Cell Phone Charging

In addition to using a cell phone charging station, there are several other ways to get a fast charge for your mobile device. Here is a short guide outlining several methods for fast cell phone charging:


How Cellphones Can Affect Your Sleep

As an alarm clock, a sleep-cycle tracker, or simply a source of information, mobile phones are used from dawn to dusk; literally from when users begin their day to the moments before they hit the sack. According to a 2012 Time Mobility & Qualcomm poll, about three quarters of mobile users between the ages of 18 to 44 fall asleep with their phones within reach; close to 85 percent of respondents within the same age groups fall asleep with their phones somewhere in their room. Read More

Charging Solution Distribution Opportunites

What brings you here is why started this business – there is an emerging market for secure charging solutions in the hospitality and entertainment industry. With that said, by leveraging your existing network in these industries both parties can mutually benefit from this new market with a distribution relationship. Read More

Commercial Cell Phone Charging Stations

Nearly all Americans own cell phones or mobile devices but one of the main issues these consumers face is finding a charging source when away from home or an outlet. This is especially true in shopping centers, sports venues, and other events where recharging a cell phone is very inconvenient or nearly impossible. Read More

iO7 Draining Cell Phone Battery Life

December 14, 2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

 With a new interface, cleaner App icons, and more user-friendly interactions, the iOS 7 update has transformed the iPhone legacy while still adhering to Apple’s core principle of user convenience.

However, every new operating system has drawbacks and the iOS 7 is no exception. Battery life, dysfunctional wi-fi or bluetooth, keyboard lags, app crashes and freezes are all common issues with this still unmastered operating system. Many of these derive from the new apps and features that iOS 7 boasts to offer. Read More